Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometer series provides new capabilities for polymer QC

Thermo Scientific supplements its broad portfolio with polymer related accessories for the Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometer series to meet the increasing demands on rheological measurements in a modern QC environment.

The compact temperature chamber TM-CR-O450 for the HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometer was developed for the rheological characterization of polymer melts and solids in a temperature range from -150 °C to 450 °C. In addition, a tool for extensional rheological investigations of polymer films is available. An optional camera with illumination enables sample observation during the measurement.

Additional benefits at a glance:

  • An intuitive, multilingual touchscreen allows executing SOPs directly from the instrument with step-by-step guidance
  • “Assist” functionalities for temperature modules and measuring geometries allows to quickly change accessories with quick coupling, automatic recognition, and accurate alignment
  • Advanced testing methods and normal force capabilities enable measurements beyond rheology, such us texture analysis and tribology
  • Know how transfer by learning from our experts, benefit from our training courses in small groups or individual tailor made to your need
Thermo Haake 230596 Kopie