Colloids Ltd Set to Launch New Advanced Graphene 2D Polymer Composites

Colloids Limited, the UK's largest masterbatch manufacturer, established in 1967 with over 50 years of expertise in the industry, is set to launch a new facility for bespoke polymer composites using its innovative graphene masterbatch technology called Graphanced.

Graphene is a wonder material that has gained widespread interest due to its unique properties; for example, it’s the thinnest imaginable material at one atom thick but also the strongest. It also has exceptional mechanical properties (stiffness > diamond, strength = 130 Gpa) plus outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity, to name just a few.

Colloids has been working on its graphene R&D for over seven years, extensively collaborating with the world's top graphene producers analysing the different quality and grades. This work has enabled the formulation of novel polymer composites using this remarkable 2D material. As a result, Colloids is now able to offer bespoke solutions to its global customers.

Building from his previous knowledge and expertise obtained during his PhD studies in nanomaterials and nanocomposite formulations, Dr Marios Michailidis, Colloids New Product Development Manager, has been instrumental in creating Colloids Graphanced Bespoke Graphene Masterbatch Solutions.

Marios commented, "Working on this project has not been without its challenges, but we are proud to have achieved some remarkable developments in this field and are now working with major customers in the commercialisation of these products.”

Colloids joined forces with key partners and are now leading the graphene masterbatch industry to fully commercialise exciting new products with enhanced functionality powered by graphene and other 2D materials and nanomaterials.

Colloids is the only masterbatch company that works closely and fully sponsors a PhD project at the National Graphene Institute and the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre at the University of Manchester (in Manchester, UK). Colloids is also the first masterbatch producer who became a member of the Graphene Council (US).

At this year’s Compounding World Expo in Essen (29th-30th September), Colloids will be launching its Graphanced Bespoke Graphene Masterbatch Service (Booth #A730). In addition, Marios Michailidis will be presenting an update on the latest developments in graphene polymer composites on 29th September in Theatre 1 (14:10-14:30).