Rachida Semail
Managing Partner
Keller and Heckman LLP
Rachida Semail provides legal counsel to clients on the regulatory status of food packaging and food-related matters in the European Union (EU) and beyond. With a deep understanding of the global regulatory landscape, she helps clients streamline the compliance process for food packaging materials across multiple jurisdictions. Rachida assists clients in navigating the complexities of establishing a suitable EU status for food packaging articles and materials. She skilfully applies the principle of mutual recognition to enable the free movement of non-harmonized food-contact materials throughout Europe. She also advises clients on EU requirements for biocides, active and intelligent packaging, packaging waste, and single-use plastics and recycling matters. Additionally, Rachida assists clients with materials intended for contact with drinking water and packaging issues related to cosmetics, drugs, and medical devices. A significant part of her work involves petitioning the European Food Safety Authority or Member State authorities, such as the German BfR or Dutch authorities, ensuring her clients’ interests are well-represented at the highest levels.