EngView Systems
Stand - C483

EngView Systems is a solution provider for the PVC and Aluminium extrusion industry. It specializes in the development of quality control and measurement systems for inspection of profile geometry. Some of the products developed by EngView include:

Scan Fit & Measure  – a 2D flatbed scanner system for automated measurement and inspection of profile geometry specialized for the Aluminium and Plastic extrusion industries. It compares a profile image to a CAD file and generates a report with pass/fail indications. SFM provides precise measurement of size, position and shape characteristics as well as Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). Additional touch-screen comparator functionality gives a visual indication of the deviations. All measurement data is stored for analyses and reporting in a Measurement Data Center. SFM system is suitable for both laboratory and shop floor inspection.

mCaliper – an innovative solution that adds traceability to measurements done with the most commonly used manual tools in manufacturing. With the help of a mobile device connected to a digital caliper, micrometer or another manual measurement instrument, all results are immediately stored in the cloud or on a local server.