Morten Augestad
Business Director

Morten Augestad is 55 years old has a University degree from 1987 in Chemistry and has since 2009 worked as Business Director at Norner in Norway Norner is an innovation, service and test company for the polymer and plastics value chain and the responsibilities of Morten is key account management and project development and service for the FMCG and packaging sector. Norner has a global approach and do projects with leading global brand-owners. During the period from 2000 until 2009 Morten had a position as marketing manager for the supply of plastics to the rigid FMCG products (food packaging, household articles, returnable transport packaging) in Borealis . This included delivery of solutions to the value chain, establish strategic partnerships in the industry, take strategic choices for the business as well as initiate and prioritize product development. From 1991 to 2000 Morten worked with product development and research of plastics solutions. In research, he was among many tasks project manager for an international project in the EU programme Brite-Euram which modelled structure – property relations in Polypropylene. The main achievements were to tailor-made plastics and polymer products for the European FMCG and packaging injection moulding industry by the use of R&D and pilot plant resources followed by upscale to full scale polymer plants.