Carmen Tola
Westlake Global Compounds
Building & Construction, Consumer, Packaging EMEA Technical Manager
Ms. Carmen Tola holds a MSc in Chemical Engineering earned at the University of Sevilla,
Spain. She has around 15 years’ experience in polymers sciences, in compounding and plastic
transformation. Her functional experience is within PVC, HFFR, TPE, PO, thermoset materials,
rubber, long fiber composites and others, as nanocharges. She has participated in several
scientific publications and European Projects in this area.
Employment history, Publications and European Projects
Westlake Global Compounds, Santa Perpetua, Barcelona, Spain. 2020 to present.
EMEA, Building & Construction, Consumer, Packaging, Technical Manager.
Director of technical team in EMEA region. PVC, HFFR, TPE
Plasgom - Nakan, Santa Perpetua, Barcelona, Spain. 2015 to 2020.
Global R&D Program Manager
Applications Development Engineer (PVC and TPE materials)
Hutchinson, Madrid, Spain. 2013 to 2015.
Materials Engineer (TPE, polyolefin, and EPDM for body sealing systems in automotive
Nanocyl, Sambreville, Belgium. 2010 to 2013.
Advanced Materials Scientist (Fiber Composites Formulation with CNTs for Building,
Automotive and Aerospace Industry)
EU Projects:
Saristu (Smart Intelligent aircraft structures, 7th Framework, IMS & CPS (Innovative Material Synergies & Composite
Processing Strategies, 7th Framework), MF-RETROFIT (Multi-Façade Retrofit)
Impact and residual after impact properties of carbon fiber/epoxy composites modified with carbon nanotubes
Feb. 2014. Composite Structures
Carbon fiber composites based on multi-phase epoxy/PES matrices with carbon nanotubes: morphology and
interlaminar fracture toughness characterization.
Jun. 2012. ECCM15-15th